Our Investment Thesis

Our Investment Thesis

We partner with a select few businesses and invest our resources in accelerating their growth using our holistic approach to business growth.

Doubled Revenue - Investment Thesis

Rate of Learning:

The amount of high-quality information that you are ingesting & how quickly is the cycle of ingestion

Rate of Change:

The speed at which you initiate a new behavior after learning it

Most businesses fail to implement the growth formula effectively as they partner up with agencies and consultants to help them expand within a particular vertical such as marketing.

A Deep Look Into Our Growth Formula

The Growth Formula

Growth is a medium between the rate of learning and the rate of change; by accelerating both of these rates through consultation and implementation, we expand the businesses of our equity partners.

How We Do It

Your marketing team excels, but the sales team is struggling to overcome a bottleneck, leading to stagnant growth. That’s why we have decided to provide services across all verticals, optimizing every function of your business.

We implement industry knowledge and operational expertise within each vertical of your business.

The Problem

The Problem

Our Approach

With our comprehensive approach to growth,
we enhance every aspect of a business. This is done by enhancing the rate of learning through consultation, and by accelerating the rate of change through the implementation of our proven growth mechanisms.

Our objective as a long-term partner is to identify and eliminate any obstacles to accelerating the growth of your business.


Tactical acquisition

We develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy that is unique and maximizes the highest-leverage growth opportunities.


Enhanced Initiative

We assist in adapting and enhancing initiatives and service delivery to changes in the market by implementing innovative strategies.



To facilitate growth without breaking the operations of your business, we implement our proven systems across each vertical.


Strategic positioning

We establish talented teams with a shared vision, and we position brands so they stand out and resonate with your target audience.


Business Strategy

We determine what initiatives have the largest scaling potential and expand on those initiatives while eliminating the others.



Innovators rule the future, therefore we future-proof businesses by developing custom software solutions that anticipate future trends.

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Online Business

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© 2023 Peakable. All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

© 2023 Peakable. All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

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Every month, we invest in one extraordinary business.

Every month, we invest in one extraordinary business.

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